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CTY Summer Camp Experience

  • Last Update: March 6, 2015
  • CTY Summer Camp Experience

Four students from Kenya were sponsored to attend 2014 CTY summer camp at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.

After attending the CTY summer camp, Finnick Simkins (Form 3 Makini School), had this to share...."through the interactions I had with my friends, I got to distinguish the different lifestyles we lead and this managed to ignite an objective within me.......My CTY experience will forever be embedded in my memory and I will strive to return for further education."

Due to our vast networking, we got into collaboration with Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth, through Dr. Julian Jones (former Senior Philanthropic Advisor) and Sam Robfogel the current Philanthropic Advisor. A group of eight learners were selected from Kenya High (1), Makini School (4), Aga Khan (2) and Arya Secondary (1). An oline creativity test was then administered to them out of which the best two girls and two boys were identified.