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Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE) Teachers Training

  • Last Update: March 14, 2022
  • Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE) Teachers Training

Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE) Teachers Training Workshops March 14th – 18th 2022. The Theme of the training “Promoting Inclusive Practice to Deliver Kenya’s Competency Based Curriculum” All the training will be held at Kenyatta University

MYMACHINE LAUNCH IN KENYA– The concept of MyMachine was originated in Belgium by MyMachine Global Foundation (mymachine-global.org). The concept involves primary /kindergarten schools, higher education students and technical /vocational training colleges. The aim of MyMachine concept is to build creative confidence and learn to bring ideas to life. Stadi za Maisha will be launching a pilot project in Nairobi County in the new school year April 25th 2022. Watch this space of more details!

My Portfolio Assessment Model (As an assessment classroom setting tool) –

​My Portfolio Assessment Model is a vehicle for gathering and recording information systematically about learners’ abilities, interests, and learning styles. The major dimensions of the portfolio and the specific items that guide data gathering within each dimension including in standardized tests, teacher made test, class grades, teaching rating, product evaluation – written, Oral, Visual and musical, crafts, fine arts, drama/dance, musical performance, musical composition and photography just to mention a few. It is also worth noting instructional styles, learning environment, thinking styles, and expression styles preferences play crucial roles in forming option about the learners’ strengths. Learners should achieve autonomy and ownership of My Portfolio Assessment Model by assuming major responsibility in the selection of items to be included, maintaining and regularly updating the portfolio, and setting personal goals by making decisions about items that they would like to include in the portfolio. Although the teacher should serve as a guide in the portfolio review process, the ultimate goal is to create autonomy in learners by turning control for the management of the portfolio over to them. (Watch this space for more information)