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Gifted and Talented program

Posted March 6, 2015
Posted By: Stadi Za Maisha

It is an alternative Holiday Learning Programme dubbed (Stadi Gifted and Talented Enrichment Programme (SGTEP) that engages learners in their own areas of interest to provide them with higher skills in creativity and critical thinking. SGTEP is designed to benefit all learners by offering them instructive teaching experiences that offer them additional challenges and stimulation in the areas of learning including Language, Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science and Life Skills and Living Values.
The Enrichment program promotes hands on ways of doing things. It provides each student with an opportunity to develop his/her individual strengths, creative and critical thinking abilities.
The Programme has been designed to be applicable and suitable to students between the age brackets (3 – 5, 6 – 8, 9 – 12 and 19 years),whose content is based on creative and critical thinking skills, curiosity and collaboration which are a part of the Partnership for 21st Century Skills.