Our Programs

We offer several programs from Quality Eductaion to Youth Socio-Economic to Life skills to Gifts & Talents and lastly Mentorship. Below are the programs we offer

Gifted and Talented program

‚ÄčIt is an alternative Holiday Learning Programme dubbed (Stadi Gifted and Talented Enrichment Programme (SGTEP) that engages learners in their own areas of interest to provide them with higher skills in creativity and critical thinking.

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Youth Socio-Economic Transformation Program

Stadi za Maisha Educational Trust is committed to ensuring youths identify their talents and nurture them for sustainable and dignified...

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Parents Literacy Program (Non-Formal settlement)

The program has been designed for parents participate in their children activities in non formal school settlements in order to develop literacy skills. 

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The Stadi Gifted and Talented Mentorship Program is a child centered program that is offered to learners of Primary schools whose needs go beyond primary school level in gifts and talent development.

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Life skills and Peace education

The problems of continued cycles of conflicts, diseases such as HIV/Aids, STI’s, environmental degradation, drug abuse, early pregnancies, poor relationships between children and parents, teachers 

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